How To Choose The Best IAS Coaching Institute – 5 Questions You Must Ask.

How To Choose The Best IAS Coaching Institute – 5 Questions You Must Ask.

Most candidates appearing for IAS Exams are unacquainted with the demands of the exam and examiner. Each candidate has different requirements based on their academic background, financial status, strengths, weaknesses, etc. Clearing the exam without the guidance of a good coaching institute is a tough task. There are a lot of misconceptions and doubts regarding coaching classes. Finding the best coaching for the IAS preparation class that suits all your needs is essential. This selection poses a big dilemma to a student today irrespective of the stage of education. Students could be in School or College pursuing undergraduate/postgraduate studies or preparing for a specialized course. The dilemma is caused by the availability of far too many choices and of course the fear of making a wrong choice.

This article will guide you through choosing the best coaching for IAS preparation that will help you succeed and overcome your weaknesses. Here are 5 questions you should ask yourself before choosing the best coaching for IAS preparation – 

  • What is the final selection rate?
    This is an important factor that will come to anyone’s mind while deciding on a coaching institute. However, this is also one that is usually not analyzed well. Conduct research on the testimonials and past results they’ve delivered. 

    Do not solely rely on paid advertisements. Most institutes only advertise their toppers, even if they’ve joined the class for a short term or toppers from a long time ago, without having any successful results in the recent past. Candidates often make decisions based on such advertisements. A coaching institute with a good selection rate will ensure to fulfil your needs. You can get in touch with current or past students and learn about their experience with the institute.
  • Is their study material good?
    There is no lack of study material for students in the digital era. However, it is necessary to choose exclusive study material to help you prepare for the exam. Check whether the good quality of synopsis and notes is being provided by those institutions. 

    Best coaching institutes for IAS preparation, prepare their exclusive notes and material. This helps the students to get the required study material from an expert point of view. Such study material is specially designed after a thorough analysis of the subject in detail, a pattern of examination, previous year’s question papers, etc. The course, books, and study materials of your chosen institute should be updated regularly. It should help you study efficiently and briefly. Many institutes do not cover the entire syllabus or rush through some chapters. Coaching notes cannot replace standard books, but they are integral in forming a good base of knowledge and memory.  
  • How experienced are their faculties?
    Your IAS Exam preparation depends on the knowledge and expertise of the faculty. Most candidates put too much trust in their teachers. Youtube videos can motivate you and increase your knowledge, but they can’t replace the mentoring and expertise a teacher provides. Inquire about the teachers, especially those who teach your weaker subjects. A batch with a limited number of students will enjoy personal guidance. 

    An experienced faculty will ensure your growth and focus on your personal needs by using human psychology and evaluating your weaknesses and strengths. A good teacher-student ratio is also required. If the class is overcrowded, the teacher won’t be able to provide individual attention to the students. Reason – some of the institutes have a batch size of 500 plus students! The intent there is profiteering only to Research the educational background of the faculty. You can also refer to the past topper’s blogs to find out which set of teachers are ideal for you. 
  • What is the history of the Institute?
    Needless to say, older is an institute, better it would be in every aspect, under having more experience in the field. An experienced coaching institute has an edge. You have to know how skilled the institute is in the art of turning average students into extraordinary ones and that of grooming geniuses in the manner needed. To find this out do not go only by testimonials or the reception desk of the institute. 

    Many institutes lure students by offering cheaper fees, substandard hostel accommodation, and using other gimmicks like offering discounts, scholarships based on entrance exam scores, etc. But such institutes are more like tuition class aggregators, with no domain expertise or experience. One needs to be wary of these. You should always remain concerned about your basic requirement of getting quality coaching in a student-friendly environment. No other factor is as important.
  • How much is it going to cost?
    The first thought that comes to mind while choosing an institute is its fee structure. Choose the best coaching for IAS preparation that fits in your budget but also at the same time provides all the necessary resources. Enquire about their fee structure and all-inclusiveness in the same. Check for the study materials provided, discount offers, test series, extended support, etc. You should also check for the availability of instalment payments. Taking into account these details as the finer details you should choose the best fit. 

    The institutions that are most discussed are not necessarily the best look for those with years of experience and quality teaching standards and the environment. Choose an institute around your locality to save money and to ensure you get more self-study time.

Starting At The Right Time Matters

The major goal of all the IAS aspirants is to work on improving the health and prosperity of society. Keeping such an inspirational thought in mind, thousands of candidates take up the IAS exam. It is a well-known fact that clearing the Civil Services Exam is no easy task. After all, it is classified as the most difficult exam in which the average selection rate is less than 1 %. It demands devotion, perseverance, knowledge & skills as well, to conquer the peak. Choosing the best coaching for IAS preparation would fill up the knowledge gaps and enable an aspirant to hone the skills required to clear the UPSC exam. In this era of specialisation, there is no alternative but to use the specialised services offered by a specialised coaching institute that has the required domain expertise in the field. Remember the fact that you cannot finalize the best coaching institute for UPSC  in one night. We hope that this blog is helpful for all IAS aspirants.

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